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Karate as Athletic Training
The values of Karate to modern man are numerous. In our busy lives we often forget the value of exercise to both our physical and mental health. The practice of karate tones the body, develops coordination, quickens reflexes, and builds stamina.

Karate as Self-Defense
Karate is one of the most dynamic of all the martial arts. The trained karateka is able to coordinate his mind and body perfectly, thereby allowing him to unleash tremendous physical power at will. Therefore, it is not the possession of great physical strength that makes a strong karateka; rather it is the ability to coordinate mind and body. Upon developing this ability, even the smallest person finds that he has within himself the power to deliver a devastating blow to any would-be attacker.

Karate to Develop Clarity of Mind
The serious practice of karate develops composure, a clear thought process, deeper insight into one's mental capabilities, and more self-confidence. In this, karate is not an end, but a means to an end.

The words of Sensei Tsutomu Ohshima say it all: "In the martial arts the real opponent is not outside our own body. We must reach a high level, create real peace and maintain mutual respect. We must see each other like a mirror. Reach for the ideal mental state and make harmony with others."