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About Foothill Shotokan
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Mokuso at the beginnig of karate practice

About Foothill Shotokan

Foothill Shotokan is a nonprofit organization lead by Marty Cullenward, who first began training in 1973. Marty has obtained the level of godan, or fifth degree black belt, the highest ranking possible within SKA.

Foothill Karate-do was founded in 1987 by Bob Root and Dave Rose. They began training with SKA in 1980.

Bob and Dave are third degree black belt instructors (sandan). Dave is retired from the Placer County Sheriff’s Department and continues to teach defense courses for law enforcement agencies.

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Foothill shotokan black belts

The dojo offers courses for regional residents of any age, at any stage of life. Students benefit through self-improvement and physical development. Self-esteem, flexibility, conditioning, martial skills — all of these tangible benefits are achieved through focus and dedication. All sessions are lead by instructors with decades of experience.

Foothill Karate-do and SKA offer the ingredients of successful martial arts training: One part physical mixed with one part mental and simmered with patience.

You bring the enthusiasm. We’ll unleash your skills.

See you at the dojo!